Passeroti, Portrait of a Man with a Dog and BAAA TextStudy of the history of human-animal relations in the Renaissance and early modern world has expanded enormously in recent years, and with it has come a focus on questions concerning humanity, animality, society, culture, and nature.  This two-and-a-half-day international conference brings together some of the biggest names in historical animal studies and scholars from all career stages, with postgraduate bursaries kindly sponsored by the Society for Renaissance Studies.  The conference will examine human-animal relations of all kinds, and creatures as diverse as insects, horses, mules, dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, birds, lions, rats, apes and – of course – humans.

Keynote Lectures

Harriet Ritvo Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Louise Hill Curth University of Winchester

Invited Speakers

Richard Almond Independent scholar
Karen Edwards University of Exeter
Peter Edwards University of Roehampton
Frances Gage SUNY Buffalo
Ingrid Tague University of Denver
Susan Wiseman Birkbeck, University of London

The call for papers closed on 31 October 2013. The organisers of this conference – Stephen Bowd, Sarah Cockram and Andrew Wells – have invited papers which examine this theme from a variety of disciplinary angles. Subjects include:

  • Human-animal relations of all kinds
  • Philosophy, religion, and intellectual history
  • Consciousness, sentience, language, and the soul
  • Bodies, human and animal
  • Animals and people of the New and Old Worlds
  • Classification
  • Breeding and nationhood
  • Race
  • Exotica and exploration
  • Collecting and exhibiting
  • Curatorship
  • Fairs, freakshows and buffoons

Registration for the conference will open soon, at which time the conference programme will be available online. Watch this space! You can pre-register by entering your details here, and we will send you a message as soon as registration opens.

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